How Escorts Drive You Crazy

Have you ever wondered how escorts get so good at seduction that they can turn you on in the snap of a finger? It’s way different than Online Webcams where the girls perform a live sex show. Well, I have a few ideas about that for you. I’ll give you a few things to try on your girlfriend tonight and show you some of the best ways to get her wild with you. You’ll see how these tips work and what to you can do to play hard with escorts in the future. Here we go!

First, you can use live ex girlfriends as a way to pick up your “game.” It’s all a matter of how you play the game, and how you play it right! Now here comes the “big secret.” What do you REALLY want to do to her? Are you ready for that wild night of passion yet? Are you ready to learn some of the most “nasty” stuff men can do to their women? Are you ready to do some naughty talk to really set her off? Do you even know what to say to her?

You may not want to hear this at all… but women respond better to compliments than hearing criticism. Use this to your advantage. Compliment her on her looks, on her sexiness, on the great job she’s doing with her friends and on anything else that comes to mind. The top trusted escorts use this technique all the time so be prepared.

Next, don’t forget the “little things.” I can’t tell you how many guys get started on a compliment and then lose it as soon as it starts to flow. Use compliments to get her attention, then follow it up with a date (of course!). Compliment her on her clothes, her look, how hot she is, whether she’s willing to dance, et cetera. These are moves that most prostitutes employ when they are driving their clients wild.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to tell her what she wants. As silly as it sounds, women love when they have complete control. Tell her you want to take her to… and point out the places you’d like to see her go! Tell her what she can do for you to please you more, and she’ll work hard to please you. If you start to feel that pressure, tell her to stop. That’s a clear signal that she’s more than happy to oblige you.

The next time you’re out with her, keep these techniques in mind. It won’t take long before she’ll be begging to see you again! Now go get her!

Note: I’m not trying to teach you how to perform an Erotic Hypnosis on someone else. I’m just giving you a few ideas on how to use Seduction to put her at your every desire! This isn’t something you should do for other people! Be careful! But if you use this information with good judgment, you will soon be putting women into trance and having great sex with them!

First, women love to be led on. You should ask her to sit back and let you lead her. Have her look at you with those big, smoky eyes. Don’t hold back. Tell her that you’ve got some “special” business to take care of and it would be great if she’d take you “out for a night”.

Escort seduction is all about the mood that you create. Girls need to feel special and wanted. She wants to feel like she owns the situation and that you can make her feel safe and loved. She also wants to believe that you’ll do anything for her and she can relax and forget about the world outside. Escorts, like performers on live sex webcams, know what a customer needs to hear and that’s what they do.

You need to create a romantic setting. Light some candles and place some flowers on the table. Keep the place romantic and make sure that everyone around is doing the same. Girls love romantic, yet discrete.

The key to all of this is to create a feeling of mystery. Escort seduction can be really fun if you can create a mood and then follow it up with a mystery that girls want to investigate. Remember that good girls don’t ask too many questions! They want to be in control and they want to feel like they got what they came for!