Erotic Escorts And A Beautiful Foot Fetish

Escort is an ancient glamorous terminology which has now gained popularity as an escort career. It refers to a female escort who works for an opposite sex escort agency. While society often frowns on men who view women’s sexy feet, gorgeous feet are heavily emphasized every day through the media’s obsession with sexy footwear, manicures and stockings. In some countries like Japan and some parts of Europe, a lady’s sexy legs and feet are decorated by beautiful lingerie and erotic undergarments.

However, being a foot fetishist myself, I must confess that my preferences are different from those of my clients. As a matter of fact, I think that they are way more curvy and voluptuous than my usual client. (In case you didn’t know, I am also a foot fetishist!) That being said, it is becoming more popular these days to combine the sensual look of erotic lingerie and exotic undergarments with the sensual feel and enjoyment of foot massages.

To serve these men, high end trusted escorts suggest that instead of seeing them running around aimlessly with their “bags” full of money for “massage services”, they find a quality Escort Service where they can experience feet completely free of charge. And that is exactly what I offer my clients. In this article I will explain how an escort service provider can enhance the sexual experience for its clients.

When a man feels like his feet have gone to the mall and do not have any more ideas about how to please his partner, he should immediately call up a professional Escort Service. These sexy, shapely and voluptuous women know just the right way to stimulate a man’s love handles and send him into overdrive. First up, the gorgeous French maid style pout will send a man over the edge just like on the free adult webcams. The French maid look works on almost every man and if you want to get him going just ask him what his favourite position is. He will probably tell you that he loves to kneel on the sofa or on the bed while playing with his woman’s feet.

If that does not work, the French maid look can be expanded on with some seductive foot worship techniques. Depending on the size of your clients, some extra lacy shoes and stockings are in order. For those men that do not have the time to put on a costume, your escort can whip up something of the imagination that would sure to get your clients all excited about getting undressed. Even some simple thigh highs socks, booty shorts and g-strings with lacy straps are a perfect fit for most mature men. So that they can enjoy their time lying around the house, your professional escort will put them in toe shoes and stockings that will make their legs feel like jelly.

If your men are not into sports, there is always the option of taking them for a ride. Escorts are well versed in providing sensual massages to their clients. Whether it is the regular back massage, the foot rub and the neck rub, the exotic masseurs at your service will have you feeling like nothing else. There are so many different techniques they can use to get your clients so revved up that they will do anything for a change. Some escorts will offer their clients a few drinks, a little lavender and a nice massage before things get heated.

As you can see, your services as an escort are more than just about pleasing your customers; they are about pleasing yourself. Beautiful feet fetish is a great way to show your sexy side and to get your clients talking about you. If you think that your skills are good enough, a little advice may do the trick so that you don’t embarrass yourself out in front of your future clients. Just make sure to pick a skill that you are comfortable with and one that you can keep up.